Fitness App to keep eating healthy.

I began developing the idea for FitSnitch about 10 years ago while speaking with my Fitness Coach who said, he had to go check all of the Fast Food Restaurants for his Trainees to see if they were cheating on their Meal Plans. The idea has been in the back of my mind to get an App created ever since. FitSnitch is a Fitness App specifically designed for Fitness Coaches to help their Clients stick to their appointed Meal Plans. Many Clients are not successful because they give into failure to properly prepare their food and give in to the ease of fast food instead. The App, using Geofencing on the Client’s phone, would send an alert in the App if they get within 5 feet of a Fast Food Restaurant. The App would then, in turn, send notifications to their Trainer and 2 Accountability Partners to let them know the Client is about to cheat on their Meal Plan.